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Personalized Approach


If The Walkabout Company services sounds just like what you’re after, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We can arrange an informal chat where I can tell you a bit about myself, my sidekick Raff and my long journey to finally getting to work alongside one of the best assets someone can have- a pooch!


For me, there is nothing better than stomping around the beautiful Yorkshire countryside whether wellie or flip flop weather surrounded by 4 legged companions then settling in back home for wet nosed kisses and fluffy snuggles!


So! During our meet I will build a pet profile with you, this will help to establish any specific care requirements and also allow both ourselves and our canine companions to get to know each other!


Whilst in my care and for peace of mind, if preferred, I will send regular updates via text or email to keep you updated on all the daily antics!


And remember, I am here to work a rota that suits you. Nothing is too much, so please enquire if you feel I haven’t covered what you are looking for!


You will always find me with a smile, a lead and providing a happy dog guarantee!

Excellence and Professionalism 


Dog walks are carefully handpicked to ensure maximum excercize and fun is had by all! We will enjoy a minimum of an hours walkies, after which your dog will be dropped back to your home or work place where they will receive a good fussing, towelling- if needed- and fresh water.

At Doggy Day Care, you will expect to find your pooches receiving all the above treatment but with added bonuses: a minimum of two walks, constant fussing, treats and toys in a secure and loving environment.

For any hounds needing overnight boarding,whether short or long stays, they will be spoilt with all of the above plus meal times and a cosy spot to rest their eyes for the night.

The Walkabout Company can arrange Pet Visits which  cover meal times, medication administration, short walks, clear-ups or simply cuddles and company all from the comfort of their own home.  This service is ideal for older dogs or puppies who prefer one on one interaction.


Dog Services
Insured and Guaranteed

For your comfort:



  • A 24 hour on call contact number is available if you have any worries or just want to check up on your pet

  • Public liability, key holder, pet taxi insurance

  • Dog Boarding License granted by Harrogate Borough Council.

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